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Starmoney WP by janvanlysebettens Starmoney WP by janvanlysebettens
There was once upon a time a little girl whose father and mother
were dead, and she was so poor that she no longer had a room to
live in, or bed to sleep in, and at last she had nothing else but
the clothes she was wearing and a little bit of bread in her
hand which some charitable soul had given her. She was good and
pious, however. And as she was thus forsaken by all the world,
she went forth into the open country, trusting in the good God.
Then a poor man met her, who said, ah, give me something to eat,
I am so hungry. She handed him the whole of her piece of bread,
and said, may God bless you, and went onwards. Then came a child
who moaned and said, my head is so cold, give me something to
cover it with. So she took off her hood and gave it to him.
And when she had walked a little farther, she met another child who
had no jacket and was frozen with cold. Then she gave it her
own, and a little farther on one begged for a frock,
and she gave away that also. At length she got into a forest
and it had already become dark, and there came yet another child,
and asked for a shirt, and the good little girl thought
to herself, it is a dark night and no one sees you, you can very
well give your shirt away, and took it off, and gave away that
also. And as she so stood, and had not one single thing left,
suddenly some stars from heaven fell down, and they were nothing
else but hard smooth pieces of money, and although she had just
given her shirt away, she had a new one which was of the very
finest linen. Then she put the money into it, and was rich all
the days of her life.

This wallpaper pack contains 2 different versions in 2 different sizes:

  • 1600 x 1200 : black background

  • 1600 x 1200 : white background

  • 1024 x 768 : black background

  • 1024 x 768 : white background

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    abyss4ever Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2008
    on word: great!
    j0yrex Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2007
    nice! ;)
    dadouX Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
    Lovely :).
    ky-loves-you Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2007   Photographer
    amazingly beautiful
    Castillia Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2007
    Canterbury tales, right?

    Beautifully done.
    stepunk Featured By Owner May 28, 2007
    i love it! great piece!
    ramirezhate Featured By Owner May 23, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
    martina123 Featured By Owner May 14, 2007
    Beautiful composition!
    I like very much!
    midnightangel38 Featured By Owner May 11, 2007
    very nice. the use of primary colours contrasts well with the black. I like how u told the story along with it ^^
    c0oper Featured By Owner May 5, 2007
    Awesome ;)
    zacthetoad Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2007
    That's pretty much amazing. I love each piece separately, but together they work even better. :nod:
    Nimue87 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2007
    I've never heard about this story - your illustration is awesome - really ! :heart:
    janvanlysebettens Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
    thanks :)
    arhcamt Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2006
    ah, i've read that story somewhere!

    however it began with the parents of the girl were both dead and in the end, after losing everything she died of cold and then reunited with her parents and now she got the most beautiful cloth made of golden fabric.

    that's what i recall. i read the story when i was seven i guess. i couldn't remember where i read the story. :)
    eeriebus Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2006
    aw man, i love the story, and the progression of colors. good joooob mate
    bourjois Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2006   Writer
    splendid choice of colours and i love the little visuals. well done.
    phogazca Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2006
    This is just amazing! :clap:
    Oblivion89 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2006   Digital Artist
    This is so awesome, I love this. I like the right panel the most
    pete-aeiko Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
    haha you cant exactly talk about trendwhore stuff when you made stuff like this in the first place :s
    modestfox Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
    This is really pretty
    tul Featured By Owner May 21, 2006
    Nice story :) and nice art to go along with it
    typingdragon Featured By Owner May 20, 2006  Student Photographer
    Wow, this is terrific.
    EarthGoddess Featured By Owner May 20, 2006
    Love this, I find it so magical :)
    rickystuffedpie Featured By Owner May 19, 2006   Interface Designer
    cool very nice i like the colours :D
    Kitki Featured By Owner May 19, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
    Looks awesome all put together. :D
    Sulejman Featured By Owner May 19, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
    Great! :clap:

    frease Featured By Owner May 19, 2006
    Very nice! :)
    fourteenthstar Featured By Owner May 19, 2006
    Beautiful! :heart:
    Illuminae Featured By Owner May 19, 2006   Photographer
    Really nice work!
    shelldingle Featured By Owner May 19, 2006
    Beautiful. Great colors.
    KasperNielsen Featured By Owner May 19, 2006
    thats i really like the style you used here, this will go on my desktop no doubt about that:D
    Y-nick-YR Featured By Owner May 19, 2006
    very nice!
    but I cant open it on my computer:O
    .rar format :(
    janvanlysebettens Featured By Owner May 19, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
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    May 19, 2006
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