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Imagine Air by janvanlysebettens Imagine Air by janvanlysebettens

Imagine Air is a virtual airline that provides the service to travel anywhere.. while staying home.

Something I was working on for school, but I'm not really pleased with it. It looks good, but it doesn't really fit the concept. Which means I'll rework it, but I wanted to share it nevertheless.

I had a lot of fun making that header by the way ;)


And no, this design is not for sale. Sorry.
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A really clean and simple design as contrasted with the header. I really like the way the image at the top was made (soft transitions and nice colouring). But the important thing is that you first have a look at the page's content (at least I had) and that is what a homepage should achieve.

I'm not sure about the plants on the left and right side that combine the header with the body. It first reminded me on christmas (on a first sight it looked like a typical christmas branch of a fir tree). So I would suggest to use something else.

But besides that, as I already told, I like the overall look of the design!
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As a casual observer, the very first thing I saw in this layout concept was the giant chair. I didn't see the header, nor the logo, nor the tagline. What I saw was the chair?
Why? Quite simple, of course: color contrast. The orange contrasting with the blue meant my eye went directly to the seat, which in actuality is probably the least important part of the design (since it kinda resembles a pea pod and took me a while to understand what it was supposed to be).

I love the texture and detail in the header image, but part of me thinks it could be a tad bit overboard. That is likely personal preference, though.

The logo you created for the tip-top of the site design is pretty nice and simple, but like I mentioned in my initial paragraph it's lacking in contrast. That logo should be orange/yellow/red. Some warm color would do wonders to help it pop out of the layout. I'm not sure if the globe+hot air balloon is intended to be a part of the logo, but if it is it's too far away from the typography. If it's not part of the logo, then it's too close to the typography. ;)
Either way, I think the hot-air balloon globe idea is awesome and should be elaborated upon, but the photorealism in the actual object makes it non-functional as a usable and appropriate logo.

Lastly, I feel like you sort of gave up once you got past the introductory area (the part with the orange pea chair). The header is this hugely elaborate, magnificently-detailed image with beautiful textures and landscapes, while the remainder of the layout is just plain shapes and bland colors. I'm ignoring the fact that you used redundant imagery as filler at the bottom, of course, but that's an issue too.

Long story short, I love what looks to be the beginnings of something great. It just needs some more attention and love put into it. Knowing what you can do with design, though, I know there could be more to this than currently exists. Shove some more Jan-brand brilliance into this thing and it'll shine that much brighter!
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this has been your time to shine
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I figured I should share the wealth
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wow.... really great!
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Very cool header!
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Very cool. I like your details :)
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The header is very nice, great work!
kypoptina Featured By Owner May 7, 2011
Love the landscape above!
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nice design
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elegent n awesome
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killer design
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hello, I am currently looking for a graphic designer/ web designer, if interested please note me :)
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Amazing! Will you tell me how long this took you?
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So creative. This design is amazing!
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question.... why does every single wordpress (and otherwise) layout example i see have that same exact text pasted all over it?
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I enjoy looking at this very much, great work!
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awesome. where did you get the plants?
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Can you send me this pyramids image please ?
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awesome header
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Looks just like the free website template called 'earthling 2', but with a different header.
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i like it looks very good! time to relax :D
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Incredibly creative! Too bad it isn't real :(
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cok hos
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Really pretty. Its really popular aswell.
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Great layout :)
may I ask where you got the stock images ?
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This design looks great, easy clean and good colors
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Very fresh design, good work man :)
lelouch604 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2009
it seems so fantasy, i like your imagination
Swiftau Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
That's wicked, great job mate! :)

The only thing I don't like too much is the navigation. Compared to the rest of the design it just looks very plain.

Still a very nice job :+fav:
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